Why was Alexa named Alexa?

Choosing a name for a product after spending millions of dollars building it is indeed a big deal. The name got to be catchy and in the case of voice assistants, it also needs to yield to easy speech recognition (without having to prepend words like Okay Google, Hey Cortana etc.). Alexa is an amazing name that meets these requirements but it also happens to be a meaningful name once you know the reason it was chosen.

Alexa is named after the largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world, The Library of Alexandria. It was house to many famous thinkers of the ancient world and at the time was tasked with collecting the world’s knowledge.

Given that Amazon wants to pitch Alexa as a home assistant that can do several things including answering your random questions, it makes sense that Alexa is named after Alexandria. Having said that, Q&A is one of Alexa’s worst skills and she has a long way to go before calling herself the collector of world’s knowledge.

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