Free Audible books on Alexa (Sep 2016)

Audible on Alexa is one of the best skills Alexa. It makes so much sense for a voice assistant would read your books. You need to be an Audible subscriber to try this skill though, but not anymore. Audible is running an exclusive promotion for Alexa customers giving away two books during the month of September 2016. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Journey to the Center of the Earth, two highly rated books that are worth almost $40 combined are being offered for free.

All you need to say is –

Alexa, read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland from Audible
Alexa, read Journey to the Center of the Earth from Audible

Audible did put a pre-roll ad describing how awesome Audible is and how you need to subscribe to Audible already and then the book starts right away. The ad is not all that intrusive in my opinion especially when you are getting two highly rated books for free. It reads something on the lines of

Audible presents Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Explore an unmatched selection of audiobooks, and choose one free when you start a 30-day trial at

Remember though that the promotion ends come October and so you may want to hurry up.

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