Get Alexa updates from Amazon

Amazon has been teaching Alexa new skills almost every week ever since it launched. The pace at which Amazon is innovating in the field of voice assistants is simply unparalleled. With so much going on at such a rapid clip, its makes sense that Amazon sends a weekly update to all of its Alexa customers highlighting the new shiny features. While Alexa customers are automatically subscribed to this list, Alexa enthusiasts who do not yet own an Alexa enabled device do not receive the weekly updates.

Amazon understands that Alexa is a whole new product category and that there are millions of people out there who are interested in Alexa but not yet sold on the idea of buying a $180 home based voice assistant. You folks now have the opportunity to subscribe to the weekly Alexa email list without having to shell out $180 or whatever it costs to get an Alexa enabled device. You will need an Amazon account to sign up.

Its interesting that the email list itself is called ‘Echo Newsletters’ and not ‘Alexa Newsletters’. It shows how Alexa, an AI personality evolved out of Echo, a device.

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