Alexa saving “What’s Up” for a new feature?

Alexa might have something up her sleeves when a user asks her “What’s up”. Up until a few days ago, Alexa would respond to this question with a news summary (also called Flash Briefing) but has recently started delivering a different response.

This is probably because Amazon wants to use this utterance for a different feature. When asked what’s up, she now has an educative response telling users how to explicitly ask for news. This is probably an attempt to gradually train users to request news in a different way.

Here are screen shots of her before and after responses to the same question.



What could the new feature be, if there is one? It could be something on the lines of Google Now that gives a summary of your day which can include things like current time, weather report, calendar briefing, stock price update etc. That would definitely be a much better use of this command than just responding with a news briefing.



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