Alexa alarms and timers go on forever

Alarms and timers is one of the killer features of Alexa, albeit being much simpler in comparison to skills like music or home automation. It is one of the best use-cases for a hands free voice assistant. After having used Alexa for this purpose, we simply can’t imagine having to pull a phone to set alarms while cooking or just before going to bed.

Having said that, unlike most digital alarms and timers, Alexa is quite relentless in her attempts to get you out of the bed. It appears like she just wouldn’t shut up. To be fair, you can easily shutoff the timer or alarm by asking her to stop or you can snooze the alarms by asking her to snooze.There is also a rather convoluted way of stopping timers and alarms using the companion app. However, if you are not able to stop the alarm manually (say, you are on a different floor in your house and don’t have your phone on you), is she going to ring forever? 

The other day, we decided to test this and apparently Alexa does have a timeout. Its 60 frigging minutes. Both timers and alarms will stop after an hour if not explicitly terminated by a user. We understand there is no right answer for the timeout duration, but 60 minutes? Really? 

What do you think about the timeout Alexa engineers chose for the alarms and timers? Did it ever bother you? Would it help if they at least provided the option to configure the timeout?

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