GE slapped a light ring on an Alexa Dot


Amazon released AVS at about the same time as Alexa launched as a way for developers (mostly companies) to integrate Alexa onto their devices. The company even announced a $100 million seed fund at the time to bootstrap the ecosystem. While a few small companies did take advantage of AVS and released Alexa enabled products (Triby for example), Amazon’s efforts appear to be coming to fruition with a big name like GE announcing an Alexa enabled lamp.

The product basically looks like Echo’s light ring slapped onto a Dot. It can do pretty much everything an Amazon device like Echo does all while also being a lamp. The value add according to GE is that you don’t need to buy an Echo + Smart bulb + Hub and can instead buy this all in one package. Wouldn’t it be cool if all the smart home products had voice control built into them as against having to associate all the smart products with Alexa? 

The design looks good and futuristic although the usability of the lamp hasn’t been tested by anyone outside GE. Based on the looks of it, the speakers are probably on par with Dot. The device is always listening for the wake word and the ring does light up in response to wake word just like the light ring on an Echo. A ring this big and this bright might be too distracting if it lights up every time a wake word is detected.

GE hasn’t released an official product name or a price or a release date. You can watch the teaser here.

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